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Veljko Đorđević, Marijana Braš, Davor Miličić

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Dodaj na popis željenih naslova


Medicine is a science and art which integrates the latest scientific insights and profession that deals with health and desease. Since the very beginnings of human medicine we have witnessed several paralell processes that are intertwined, but that only combined represent the essence of medicine. Throughout history these processes have been “tinted” by cultural specificities as well as technological capacities of a given historical period.

One of these processes includes continuous attempts to understand the etiopathogenic mechanisms of desease and try to find out in molecular level why a certain desease occurs and how to find the best cure for it. Another process focuses on approaching the disorder and the disease through perceiving the patient as a person in their psychological, social, physical and spiritual entirety and taking into account the context of their life and their own view of the disorder. Throughout medical history specific processes have been focused on viewing the desease and the patient in the context of the community where they live in as well as inn extremely dynamic development of medical ethics. If it hadn’t been for all these segments throughout history, medicine would have lost a part of its essence.


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